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Will infertility make you bitter or better?

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Will infertility make you bitter or better?

Post by drmalpani on Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:53 am

The great thing about being an IVF Specialist is I get to learn from my patients every day. Here's an inspiring example from the blog of my expert patient, Manju!

This is a beautiful e-mail I received from a reader of my blog (now my friend).  I wanted to share this email with you all for two reasons: her life is so inspirational; she found meaning after her irreplaceable loss, and she used her pain and suffering to shape her destiny for the better.

She asked me a very soul-stirring question - “What is your memorial to your children?” This is a very thought provoking, life-changing question. Thanks a lot ‘H’ for your kind e-mail; for your willingness to reach out to me; for sharing your story and your wisdom with me. I hope many who go through suffering as a result of infertility will get the courage to infuse meaning to their life when they read your mail.

Please read her story as Giving meaning to one's own suffering - a real life story!

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