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Classy and Convenient Designs for Modular Kitchen

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Classy and Convenient Designs for Modular Kitchen

Post by sleekworld on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:54 pm

Cooking is no longer a chore. Sleek Kitchen has changed the way women cook today, making the kitchen not only more beautiful and attractive, but also more practical and well-organised.

Sleek has set the standards in modular kitchen with its Indian and imported accessories and appliances, and the Indian Kitchen design which beautifully blends aesthetics with functionality.

Kitchens in India are amazingly small. It is a challenge to make a modular kitchen in such reserved spaces. Most designer kitchen brands display kitchens that are as big as your bedroom, if not your drawing room. How then, do you get a designer for modular kitchen that fits in to your space? While other Indian and Imported brands are still struggling to meet these specific need, Sleek has been doing it all these years. The only modular kitchen brand which custom-makes the sizes of your baskets, hangouts, tall units, etc. Sleek models its Indian kitchen design which suits your kitchen size, needs and even your budget.

Established way back in 1994, Sleek introduced the concept of modular kitchen to India. The modular kitchen market was still at a nascent stage, when Sleek started a revolution with its wire baskets. Today, the brand offers the widest range of kitchen accessories, shutters and appliances in the market. Till date, it has catered to more than 5 lakh customers, and its network of nationwide dealers is ever increasing.

Thought there are imported kitchen brands too, Sleek stands tall in terms of quality, craftsmanship and durability. Sleek has also been at the forefront for technological development, ideas and innovation and dealing with concepts to make the Indian woman’s life easy and fast in the kitchen. Sleek offers you a wide range of shutters, hardware and baskets, which focus on space management - i.e. making optimum use of the limited space available in Indian kitchen design.

The modular kitchen brand boasts of a professional team of Interior designers, well tuned to the needs of the consumer. After measuring your kitchen space, understanding your requirements, and considering all factors including your budget, the team provides you with a suitable kitchen solution. They are constantly in touch with you throughout the Indian kitchen designing process, so that before installation you are absolutely sure of how your final kitchen will look like. The installation too is hassle-free. The quality check ensures your kitchen is functioning to perfection after installation. Sleek makes the whole process of kitchen making very easy, so you can sit back and relax, fully assured.

Sleek is the only kitchen brand that can make a designer Indian kitchen, imported kitchen or even your existing civil kitchen, a feature they call it as fusion kitchen. So you need not break your civil kitchen completely to make way for a designer one, save cost and energy by installing a Sleek fusion kitchen.

Check out the latest collection of modular kitchens from Sleek, each a designer’s delight. Each kitchen promises to please and makes the choice more difficult.

Aesthetic designs with amazing functionality; this is the hallmark of Sleek Kitchens. Sleek stands no less in compared to other imported kitchens. With customization as its focus, your designer kitchen doesn’t look like a distant dream. It is closer to reality than you think.

Sleek is the only Modular Kitchen brand that can make a designer Indian & imported kitchen with classy look as well as functional. For more information Please fill this [url=href="]Modular kitchens inquiry [/url]form.

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