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Transfer music from iPod to computer----itransferstudio 4.0

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Transfer music from iPod to computer----itransferstudio 4.0

Post by itransferstudio on Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:13 am

iTransferStudio is an professional software for ipod ,iphone, itouch, ipad, which attractive millions of apple users ,can do good job for ipod music transfer.

Import music, playlists, counts and ratings to iTunes.
• Support all models of iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
• Search music by title, artist, album, and playlist.
When your computer crashes or hard disk fails, if not do music transfer for ipod.
, you will lose all your songs which you may have spent hours collecting, downloading and organizing. Just download a free itransferstudio for music transfer from ipod.
, you setting is never gone.
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