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Become a FOUNDER MEMBER of a possible competitor to Ebay

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Become a FOUNDER MEMBER of a possible competitor to Ebay

Post by aliwatts on Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:14 pm

Do you remember how Ebay used to be? I do. I remember when Ebay first started and they let you advertise for free and you only paid them when you sold anything right? Well yes thats right and they changed to charging you for selling whether you sold or not. Sometimes you have to readvertise on Ebay a couple of times before you finally sold something. I know this because ive been selling on Ebay for 5 years. Wouldnt it be good if you could post your items for FREE and only pay if you sell them? It would be like going back in time.
Anyway, I am launching a new auction site on the 20th March 2011 with a temporary name of Seabreeze bids - not the final name for ownership reasons AND I want to give YOU the opportunity to join the auction site BEFORE launch date as a FOUNDER MEMBER. I want to offer you the chance to advertise for free PLUS when you sell you pay absolutley NOTHING to the site, SELL FOR FREE!!! As a founder member it only costs $10 ONE TIME LIFETIME FEE for your extra special membership. Sell what you like, when you like at no cost. So come by to gVO8zu and join the prelaunch. Grab this special price now because as of the 20th March you can still get lifetime membership but it will cost $50 and only for a limited time.....DonĀ“t worry PAYPAL protects you if the site doesnt start up, your money will be refunded fully if the site doesnt launch on the 20th March, no problem there at all. SO take this golden opportunity and join a fresh, new and exciting new auction site at a very very low price.. we look forward to seeing there... gVO8zu -
OR if you can manage to invite people to join as a founder member, we will pay you $3 per each $10 founder membership - more details

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