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Mastering Presentation Technique Excel Chart and Powerpoint

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Mastering Presentation Technique Excel Chart and Powerpoint

Post by sabahmalaysia on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:19 am

Target Audience: Anyone who uses Excel on regular basis to prepare various
aspects of charts for presentation purposes.

About the Course:
Innovative Charting Techniques
PowerPoint charts can be as simple or as complex as you like. Learn to create a basic chart right inside PowerPoint using Microsoft Graph, or create a full featured chart using Microsoft Excel and insert it into your presentation. Choose from common chart types such as column, bar, line, and pie charts. Try something out of the ordinary such as a doughnut or radar chart; or create a unique chart type of your own. While PowerPoint charts are pre-formatted using design template, this course will show how you can change nearly every aspect of a chart, its color, text, labels and much more.

• Save significant time in creating and managing presentations
• Discover new PowerPoint techniques that can help you achieve your objectives.
• Master Excel’s user defined custom charts and types
• Modify and existing chart to create a more dynamic chart
• Manipulate and present your data to better serve your audience
• Enhance a chart by adding external objects to it
• Collaborate with others by sharing presentations and tracking changes
• Apply dozens of shortcuts and techniques in your everyday work and more.

Click Here Mastering Presentation Techniques Using Excel Charts & Powerpoint
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