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Using Excel Toolkit In Minimizing Cost and Defects

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Using Excel Toolkit In Minimizing Cost and Defects

Post by sabahmalaysia on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:17 am

Target Audience:
Production Managers/Executives; Operations Managers/Executives; Finance Managers/Executives; and anyone involved in the areas of reducing cost and manufacturing defects. Basic Excel knowledge is required.

About the Course:
Manufacturing Defects are flaws or irregularities in productsarising from errors in Production. When the manufacturingprocess goes awry, the resulting products may fail to meet themanufacturer’s own design specification standards. If such a
product escapes the manufacturer’s quality controls, its flawedcondition may lead to its failure during use, to an accident, andpossibly to an injury to the user or another.

In general,manufacturers and other suppliers are liable for injuries causedby manufacturing defects in products that they sell. Increase inDefects will lead to increase in the organization’s operating cost.Small defects and manufacturing variations can become costlyfor any company. Several companies have begun implementing different lean manufacturing approaches to reducemanufacturing variations and defects.

Some of the common methods include Six Sigma, Total Quality Control, and the 5 “S”Methodology.Most of the common methodologies in the market require a toolthat allows Managers and Executives to perform data collection,measure and analyze the Defects data quick. Microsoft Excelhas become a tool that some of these methods recommends.The sample templates have been widely distributed to assist themanufacturing people in their data collection and data analysis.
However, most of the users still do not have sufficientknowledge of the latest functionalities in MS Excel. Financialbudgeting can be easily done when Management is able to seereal figures being transformed into analytical results with thepower of MS Excel.

Click Here Using Excel Toolkit In Minimizing Cost and Defects
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