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Advanced Database Mining Using Microsoft Excel

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Advanced Database Mining Using Microsoft Excel

Post by sabahmalaysia on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:16 am

About the Course:
We are surrounded by databases. All accounting programs, sales programs, inventory programs and other business programs include a database. There is the main database in your corporation; there are databases on the web and all kinds of other departmental databases.
Working with larger database systems
With Excel you can develop analyses and reports that would be impossible or unaffordable to develop even with very sophisticated enterprise level database programs. Corporations that can afford these million dollar systems rely often on Excel to analyze the data and design reports to support very important decision making processes. Some of the most powerful analysis tools in Excel actually have database functionalities like sorting, filtering, subtotals, and pivot tables.

Why would you need to develop your own database?
Usually, very valuable data at the departmental level are not stored in the centralized mega database because they have no “corporate” significance but a departmental level database can be created and the data used for very critical decisions. Example databases are: sales by salesmen by region or product; customer demographics; simplified inventory system; tracking prices and indices; etc.

Course Objectives:
This program caters to anyone wanting to have an edge over their peers in terms of analyzing data using various advanced functions and features of Microsoft Excel. Participants will learn not just to use these functions and features, but how best they can exploit it for the purpose of decision making with any given raw set of data.

Target Audience: Anyone who uses Excel on regular basis for data analysis, forecasting, and decision making. Advisable for participants to attend the “Advanced Microsoft Excel Tips and Techniques for Management” program first.

Click Here Advanced Database Mining Using Microsoft Excel
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