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Indiana tax lien sale holds promise of profits

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Indiana tax lien sale holds promise of profits

Post by Brbbz on Fri Jul 03, 2015 8:35 pm

A Fall tax sale in La Porte County, IN, holds promise to deliver profits to investors

La Porte, IN

The La Port County tax office is planning an early October tax lien sale on property that has past due taxes.

Tax lien investment expert Ted Thomas said he expects people who attend the auction and buy lien will realize tidy profits.

“This is a tax lien sale, so what they are buying is the past due tax on a piece of property. The property owner has the right to redeem the real estate by paying the investor back, plus a healthy interest payment,” Mr. Thomas said.

The sale will be held Oct. 8. The list of properties is being put together now and is available at Mr. Thomas said anyone interested in buying a lien at the auction should begin research now.

“Get a copy of the list of properties. Then start looking at them. If you live near La Port County, drive over. If you cannot get there, get online with a street view program and examine the properties that way. Decide which parcels you’re interested in and start the process to bid,” he said.

Auction registration information is on the SRI website.

County Treasurer Nancy Hawkins defended the tax sale, which is legal under Indiana law. She told the Herald-Argus newspaper, “It is only fair to the people who pay their property taxes every year to pursue those who do not pay.”

“This kind of sale has also been upheld by the US Supreme Court. In short, communities need tax dollars to provide services. If they can’t get property owners to voluntarily pay, they have to force a payment and the best way to do that is through a tax sale,” Mr. Thomas said.

This is a lien sale, not a tax deed sale. The property owners have a set amount of time to redeem the back taxes, plus interest, or lose their real estate to a foreclosure.

“More than 90 percent of tax sale liens are redeemed. People don’t want to lose their houses,” Mr. Thomas said. “The fact that the sales are legal, upheld by the courts and redemption is so high is what makes this kind of investing so safe.”

For more information on investing in tax lien auctions and how to prepare for these sales, visit

ABOUT TED THOMAS – Ted Thomas has been investing in property tax auctions and distressed real estate for years. He shares investing tips, rewards and risks at his website

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